Confidential Client Office

Highlands Ranch


Confidential Client Office

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MOA Architecture

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$16.3 M

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Ground Up

Partner, Plan, Build Better.

This office building and data center were multi-phased projects consisting of core-and-shell work on both buildings. Owner initiated additions during the course of the project included an additional floor and a complete tenant buildout for the office building; a structural floor addition for the data center; and significant site security upgrades initiated by September 11.

The data center's exterior walls are load bearing tilt-up concrete with brick facade. The floor is a 250 lbs/sf composite concrete slab over a 7 foot crawl space sloped to internal floor drains for a catastrophic water failure to protect the sensitive electronic data systems. The building houses the computer data center and three 1500 KW emergency generators. Three 10,000 gallon fuel storage tanks are installed above ground on the site.

The office building is a 142,340 sf, four story structure that has a 36,000 sf footprint. The occupancy is B-Office, Type II one-hour construction. The structure is fabricated structural steel with bar joist and decking. The skin is metal studs with an energy efficient brick veneer, storefront and curtain wall. The building also includes a major architectural feature constructed of aluminum metal sandwich panels The interior of the office building features dramatic core finishes including ceramic tile, custom millwork and vinyl wall covering, quarter-sliced cherry wall panels with stainless steel borders throughout the 17 foot tall entry lobby, elevator lobbies, and conference rooms. The conference rooms, public telephone rooms, and executive areas are accented with Bendheim Mastercare glass. Other interior amenities include a full service commercial kitchen, exercise room, custom conference rooms, open office and executive suites.