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Our Team

Our Team’s organizational structure and team makeup maximizes teamwork, problem-solving and client-first service. Team members are empowered to make decisions in the best interests of our clients, and our relatively “flat” organizational structure strategically positions each team member for effective communication and sound decision-making.

Strong relationships are a key priority for Pinkard. They are a product of trust and working toward common goals. We work from project award through turnover and warranty to create and maintain strong relationships and an effective partnering environment.

Immediately after the project award, we hold a partnering kick-off meeting with all major team partners. In this meeting, we work to define the most effective methods of communication, find the best ways to identify and resolve conflict and define and set goals for success. In this way, we set a foundation for effective communication that sets up the project for success.

We build upon this foundation in our weekly OAC meetings and with our Monthly Report Card — a primary communication tool that fosters proactive communication among our clients, architects, engineers, subcontractors, and other key team members.

With the Monthly Report Cards, the entire project team defines client goals and satisfaction, both from the perspective of what the client needs from us and in ways that we expect to serve our clients. The report cards are discussed in a “public” forum of the Owner/Architect/Contractor meetings, emphasizing constructive input and discussion.

These report card sessions have proven to be extremely valuable, productive tools that enhance the partnering experience and ultimately provide for a smoother, more efficient CM/GC process.

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