With the new COVID-19 realities, office owners and developers need to be nimble and creative to not only serve the changing demands of the work-at-home labor market but also find innovative approaches to enhance the bottom line. Throughout the pandemic, Pinkard led the way in the implementation of workspace and technological enhancements that kept employees productive, safe, and healthy. With over 100 office projects in our nearly 60 years of operation, we are perfectly positioned to be your office construction team partners to meet the demands of our new paradigm.

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10.7M SF

The total square footage of Pinkard Office projects, including ground-up, renovation, construction manager/general contractor (CM/GC), and design-build projects.


The combined value of Pinkard's Office construction portfolio.


The total number of Pinkard Office Construction projects, including Corporate, Tech, Industrial, Non-Profit and Municipal clients.

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