Project Development

Pinkard's project development services offer you the greatest opportunity to develop the best design that takes advantage of optimum cost savings opportunities at the earliest stages of your project’s development. We provide in-depth project feasibility analysis and detailed systems studies that include building massing analysis to determine the most cost-effective shape, total square footage, size, number of levels, etc.

We then conduct exhaustive systems cost and performance studies based upon our findings in the feasibility analysis. This is not merely an exercise in systems selections, it is a detailed study of all aspects of each system to determine your best performance options such as comfort, energy efficiency, aesthetics, durability, etc. Rather than simply relying on historical data, we use real-world, real-time data from local subcontractors and suppliers who have experience with your proposed systems.

As a result of this early, in-depth analysis, there will be less need for value engineering during design development.

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