Special Projects

At Pinkard Construction, smaller, unique projects really are a big deal. That’s why we created Pinkard’s Special Projects Division – so your smaller project can be treated like the special project it really is.

While Pinkard’s typical contract values range upwards to $100 million, we have a long history of excelling on much smaller projects, typically for our established clients. The creation of Pinkard’s Special Projects Division formalizes our new smaller projects business plan and encompasses tenant improvements and renovations, plus ground-up projects up to $5 million.

With Pinkard’s Special Projects Division you’ll enjoy the resources and professionalism of a larger, more sophisticated contractor while developing effective relationships with an “A-Team” of construction professionals who are dedicated to the success of your very special project.

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26K SF

The average square footage of one of Pinkard's special projects, including senior living, affordable housing, multi-family, recreation, municipal and commercial projects.


The average value of a project completed by Pinkard's Special Projects Division.


The total number of Pinkard projects with a construction value of $5M or less, including projects for both public and private clients.

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