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Creekside Flats/Lofts


Project Features 

Multi-Family Housing, Market Rate, Underground Parking, Wood Framed, Ground Up


East West Partners - Denver

Project Description 

Creekside Lofts and Creekside Flats are each 40 units, 4-story wood-frame condominiums of approximately 46,611 gross square feet. The structures are Construction Type V, 1-hour rating. Exterior fascia includes brick, steel siding, and Portland Cement Plaster, requiring extensive subcontractor coordination and phasing.

Each unit has its own condenser and aquatherm system. Common areas have forced-air, gas-fired heaters with condenser units on the roof. The condominiums are constructed above the 37,200 sf, post-tensioned underground parking structure. The parking structure's footprint covers the entire site of both phases. The parking structure's entry/exit ramp includes a snowmelt heating system within the slab. Shoring on the north side is at ten feet. Pinkard self-performed the foundations.

In the early 1900's the site was used as a rail car coal-dump, which produced considerable soil contaminates. Pinkard coordinated with a specialty subcontractor to conduct extensive environmental monitoring during soils exportation.
A 100-year old retaining wall separates the site from Cherry Creek. All construction activities were carefully conducted to assure that the wall was undamaged.

Two different construction projects were underway at the site, which created very tight staging conditions. Pinkard and the other builder were forced to coordinate construction sequencing within a single staging area.

Pinkard performed extensive preconstruction and value engineering for this project to help the owner make budget and stay competitive in the tight downtown Denver housing market.


OZ Architecture


92,000 Sq. Ft.

80 Units


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