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Build Better

Pinkard maintains a smooth, predictable construction process and focuses on safety and quality. we use the latest technologies to provide clients unparalleled control over their project. We use thoroughly vetted subcontractors, the best in jobsite technology and create a safe jobsite so there are no surprises.


Technology that keeps you in control, Access to all project records 24/7, real time from any device, StructionSite captures a visual timeline of the project, almost like x-ray for your walls!


We create full-scale mock-ups to field-test envelope and ensure long-term quality (built into cost of the project).


We identify each project’s unique “four core” risk factors and incorporate strategies that carry workers safely through the life of the project.


TIME IS MONEY! We punch as we go for quicker turnover.


Have confidence in our work. We offer a best-in-class warranty, tracked online so you know where your project stands at all times.


Personnel will treat the project site as if they are guests in someone else’s home - because they are! Worker badging and security procedures to keep your site and neighborhood safe.

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How We Do It: