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Partner Better

Our project begins with a partnering session where expectations and feedback channels are established. This, combined with an industry-leading constructability analysis, allows us to ensure that the project is properly managed and your satisfaction is guaranteed. We promise to partner with you from day 1, egos will be left behind, we are an open book, and there will be regular cross-team feedback with all stakeholders.


We kick-off the project with a partnering session to set and define expectations from day one, including taking the time to understand what your staff needs.


Get answers to important questions early and proactively plan for any potential issues.


We perform a robust constructability analysis and work to know all the potential issues before they become problems.


WE are in it TOGETHER. We will lead by example with 100% transparency of Pinkard costs, timelines and commitments.


With the Pinkard Pact Check, we not only set up the project for success, we check in regularly to make sure that the commitments are being upheld and you are completely satisfied.


We work WITH your architect from the beginning, to get the project right!

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How We Do It: