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Prequalify With Pinkard 

Let us explain why it is beneficial to both Pinkard Construction Co. and to you, as a potential trade partner, to complete the PCC prequalification process.


How our prequalification process works:

  1. We gather basic information about your firm – legal and DBA names, your address, and key contact information – so we can enter your firm as a vendor in our system.

  2. We need some relevant information about: the kind of work your firm does, your recently completed and current jobs, your safety record, and any legal issues you may have to help us discern your company’s capabilities.

  3. We ask for some essential financial information - a letter from your bonding agent specifying your single project bonding capacity and a current balance sheet (preferably audited or reviewed). We do not need nor want to see a Profit & Loss statement that discloses your profit margin. We understand the sensitive and confidential nature of this financial information such that we safeguard it as we would our own. The financial information is especially important because it is the main determinant of the dollar amount your firm can be prequalified to do: without it, you can only be invited to bid on projects of nominal size, perhaps far less in value than your company may be qualified to bid.


The prequalification amount is derived from:

  • some key ratios and measures from your balance sheet

  • the amount of your bonding capacity, and

  • the typical contract your firm has completed in the past three years.


It is this prequalification amount that allows Pinkard to work with a broad range of subcontractors because it measures the size of the contract that a subcontractor can handle based on the underlying financial information provided.