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Arista Place 8181


Project Features 

Office, Structural Steel Superstructure, Ground Up


Arista Place II, LLC

Project Description 

The Arista Place 8181 project is a ground-up five-story office building adjacent to its sister property 8001 Arista Place office building (another Pinkard project) near the Broomfield Event Center.

When Pinkard’s on-site quality control personnel identified issues with steel fabrication that could significantly delay the job, our project team convened the steel erector and fabrication team to analyze possible fixes. According to the client, “Pinkard and the team came up with what was actually a pretty simple plan – they did a really good job digging in and finding the easiest and best solution – it was executed flawlessly.”

Because this project was constructed during a particularly difficult time in the Colorado labor market, Arista Place LLC had serious concerns that the project would suffer delays due to subcontractor failures and no-shows. “Pinkard’s subcontractor relationships have had a lot to do with this not happening. they are loyal to Pinkard because Pinkard treats them well; along with Pinkard’s subcontractor vetting process, which I think is pretty strict. Another reason why it was a good choice to go with Pinkard. We could easily have gone with somebody cheaper, then have some labor issues, drag out the time frame and cost us more money in the end. It’s hard to quantify the value in that.”*

Pinkard’s waterproofing and quality assurance approach ensured watertight seals on Arista’s many windows and storefront framing. Multiple individuals signed-off on every single window opening, which included photographs of every window, its framing, and the waterproofing process.

While this was technically a ground-up project, Pinkard was obligated to accommodate the needs of some existing tenants who were concerned that construction activities would hamper walk-in business. Pinkard met regularly with these tenants to listen to and respond to their concerns, which included erecting “open for business” pedestrian routing signs. Arista Place LLC commented that Pinkard treated existing tenants as if they were Pinkard clients.




87,300 Sq. Ft.

Stories From The Team

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