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Atlantis Permanent Supportive Housing

Atlantis Permanent Supportive Housing

Denver, Colorado, USA

Atlantis Community Foundation

69,212 Sq. Ft., 63 Units

Affordable Housing, Multi-Family Housing, Enterprise Green Communities, Wood Framed, LIHTC, Ground Up, Occupied

Atlantis is a modern mixed-use facility located in the Baker neighborhood of Denver, just two blocks away from the Alameda light rail station. The facility spans over 69,212 square feet and offers an array of residential and office spaces. The ground floor of the facility offers 5,000 square feet of office space, which is to be occupied by Atlantis Community Inc. (ACI), a museum dedicated to the history of disability rights. Additionally, the ground floor also features a spacious 1,200 square feet community room, along with a training lab that offers residents an opportunity to learn and develop independent living skills.

The residential section of the facility spans over three floors and consists of 63 one- and two-bedroom units. These units have been designed to be universally adaptable and accessible, making them suitable for people with disabilities. To ensure that at least 25 percent of the units are occupied by lower-income persons with disabilities, the units have been designed to be universally adaptable and accessible.

Despite facing challenges due to the site's difficulties and COVID-19 restrictions, Pinkard Construction Company managed to complete the project successfully. Pat Coyle, Executive Director of the Atlantis Community Foundation, praised the finished project, which is a testament to the professionalism and experience of both Atlantis' residents and Pinkard Construction Company.


Affordable Housing Construction

Multi-Family Construction

In-House Wood Framing

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