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Green House Homes at Mirasol


Project Features 

Senior Living, Affordable Housing, Multi-Family Housing, Publicly Funded, Enterprise Green Communities, Wood Framed, Sustainable, LIHTC, Ground Up, Independent Living


Loveland Housing Authority

Project Description 

Pinkard collaborated with Loveland Housing Authority for a 60-unit independent/skilled nursing facility that is the first Green House project in Colorado. Patterned after the Green House Project, the homes were constructed on the Mirasol Senior Campus and consist of six independent homes, approximately 7500 sf containing ten private bedrooms.

Each home has a central living, dining, and activity area for the elders to simulate an environment more closely related to their individual private homes.

Each home features full time 24/7, professional skilled nursing care provided to the elderly residents, whichrequires each house to be licensed and construction approved by the Colorado Department of Health.

Each building meets all traditional requirements for construction related to any skilled nursing facility in the State of Colorado.

In addition to the independent homes, the project also includes a 2,800 sf administration building providing centralized management and administration to each home, including private offices for an administrator, director of nursing, and case managers.


Lantz-Boggio Architects


68,000 Sq. Ft.

90 Units


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