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Better Project Management Processes at VIDA

Not your typical ground-up project, Vida at Sloan’s Lake was filled with challenges, both known and unforeseen. Yet Pinkard’s highly effective and focused project team marshaled a collaborative CM/GC effort to bring in Vida at Sloan’s Lake ahead of schedule, and under budget, while providing exceptional quality, fit, and finish.

On this project, the client boldly executed a complicated and creative first-in-the-United States funding package that funded various portions of the project through a variety of lenders. While this funding was a boon to the client and Vida, Pinkard was required to customize change requests, billing, lien waivers, etc. based upon which portion of the building was involved, and who among the six different lenders had financed it.

This complicated requirement added extra layers of administrative burden to our young team of potential superstars, who were being mentored by our on-site senior management staff.

Specialized Supervisory Training

To get on top of this relatively perilous situation, Pinkard instituted various training regimens for our assistant project managers and area superintendents, training them in contract negotiations, buy-out, writing contracts, conducting punch list walks, and the ins and outs of handling potentially explosive political and contractual conversations with owners, architects, and subcontractors.

As a result of this training and their on-the-job experience, each of these affected individuals were given promotions at job’s end for exceptional performance.



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