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Fraiser starts up family visits using the Pinkard built LOV PODS!

L-O-V = Loved Ones Visiting

The nearly 500 residents at Frasier, a senior living community, have not been able to receive visitors, participate in group activities, or dine together since mid-March. So, when Fraiser came up with the idea to create three-sided booths with plexiglass walls so that residents could once again have visitors, Pinkard was more than happy to build them. The booths were delivered to Frasier where they were outfitted with rugs, plants, comfy chairs and a sound system that makes you feel like you're talking without any barrier at all ... and dubbed the LOV (love one visiting) Pods! It's been amazing to see the smiles that have come from being able to once again spend time with those who matter most. 

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