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Innovation Shortens the Critical Path

At VIDA Senior Housing, the load-bearing metal-stud-framing portion of the work represented the biggest section of the critical path. If the framing went well, the schedule could remain intact.

We panelized the metal-stud-framed wall panels off-site and shipped the completed sections to the jobsite. During the planning stage, our team virtually laid-out the installation sequence of every single wall panel. Each of the 500+ panels had its own specific submittal drawing and specification sheet and was assigned an installation number, which represented where and when it would be installed.

The panels were shipped to the jobsite in order of installation, but because of the tight site, we had to time the deliveries perfectly so they arrived in the exact order and time that we needed them.

To ensure efficient use of the three cranes, we used a scheduling app for all contractors to “get in line” for crane time. Wall panel delivery took first priority.

As the panels were delivered (in order of installation), the crane lifted them into place. It was during this installation process that we really began saving time on the schedule. Thanks to meticulous quality control at the fabricators and Pinkard’s careful planning, the wall panel installation process allowed us to make additional gains in the schedule.



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