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Our Staffing Approach

While many companies are constantly seeking new employees to staff their ever-expanding revenue expectations, Pinkard takes the opposite approach. We only pursue the work necessary to meet our current (static) staffing levels. For Pinkard, growth is a product of excellence, and excellence is a product of high achieving, satisfied project teams who are loyal to their company and clients.

This philosophy ensures that your project will be staffed by long-time senior staff with a reputation for providing excellence on every project. We offer industry-leading team continuity to our clients. This is because the average tenure of a Pinkard employee is ten years, so you can expect to develop deep relationships with your assigned project team.

This philosophy allows our project teams to partner better, plan better, and build better on every project, from contract signing and preconstruction through warranty and close-out.

Pinkard’s business model is one of controlled growth and careful, the deliberate selection of which projects to pursue. We don’t believe in chasing everything and have an optimum targeted annual revenue that allows us to operate at peak efficiency. Our current projected annual revenue is only a fraction of our targeted annual revenue, but our current staffing levels are such that we can support our targeted revenue. The bottom line is that we won’t take on more work than we can efficiently handle.

Our staffing philosophy is based on our belief that less is more. We have long ascribed to the approach that an overworked team cannot provide the best client experience. Therefore our staffing policies allow our project teams to pay close attention to details and to excel for our clients from contract signing through warranty and close-out.


Great projects begin with great subcontractors. We will use only the finest subcontractors available who can provide the highest quality at the market's best price.

We have prequalified our subcontractors and suppliers for over 20 years to weed out subcontractors whose business practices or quality performance are not up to our standards. Pinkard’s subcontractor policies:

  • Increase subcontractor competition

  • Minimize costs for the owner

  • Maximize quality

  • Obtain accurate, competitive pricing

  • Build an estimate that accurately reflects the scope and design intent



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