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Pinkard Beats No Shave November Fundraising Goal!

UPDATE: OVER $2,500 Raised!

Thanks to all of you, we raised $2,850 in donations for The Dale Young Memorial Fund and Mental Health Colorado. Pinkard HQ - Management took the top prize with $1,530 donated. Pinkard Construction will match that for a total of $4,380. Thank you to everyone who donated.

Pinkard is excited to announce they have beaten their fundraising goal of $1,500 and are hoping to raise an additional $500 before the month is complete! Please Donate Below!

About No Shave November for Mental Health!

Pinkard Construction is casting aside razors for the month of November in support of mental health. All month long, teams from Pinkard are pitted against one another to see who can drum up the most donations and grow (or create) the most epic facial hair.

Teams are playing to support either the Dale Young Memorial Fund or Mental Health Colorado. Anyone who donates can submit a photo of themselves at month-end to be entered to win the Best Facial Hair trophy for 2022. The winning team will also have their donation matched by Pinkard Construction.



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