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Pinkard has unveiled a new logo and website, a capstone of the initiatives that have seen the company make significant changes in leadership, processes and business model.

Lakewood, Colo. — (March 4, 2021) Pinkard Construction, a Colorado-based general contractor, has completed an extensive rebranding effort with the aid of Bluebird Branding in collaboration with BrandSavvy. Pinkard’s leadership team presented the new logo and visual communication system to the entire company during an interactive video presentation, in compliance with the company’s strict Covid-19 prevention protocols.

Pinkard’s President Tony Burke said the goal of the rebranding effort was to both honor the history of the company but also signal what kind of company Pinkard is today and is becoming. The new logo consists of a distinct, stylized letter P formed by two colored shapes overlapping.

“The new logo symbolizes transparency and our commitment to an open, honest partnership with our clients and the exceptional end-to-end customer experience we are known for,” Burke said. “I think that symbolism, along with the bold color scheme speaks to our desire to push the company forward.”

Director of Marketing, Jessica Nichols, says the unique color scheme of violet, blue and pink was an idea born of something special to the company’s history. When Jim Pinkard Sr. started the company, all of the company vehicles were painted "Pinkard pink” on a suggestion from his wife, Vicky.

“As a company, Pinkard Construction has a very distinct personality. I think this bold color choice will set us apart from our peers,” Nichols said. “Bringing in the pink accent is uniquely Pinkard. The new branding both honors our history and represents the bold, forward-thinking organization we have become as well as the amazing plans we have for our future.”

This rebrand is the first time the company has changed its logo in over 20 years and is the result of an extensive collaborative process that took roughly six months. The new website is now available at

“Aside from the client-first values the new logo communicates, I think the overall branding helps us tell prospective clients and employees that we are a company that is approachable, empathetic and imaginative,” said Nichols. “Our goal is to create a distinctive, highly-engaging and collaborative experience for our clients and partners, in order to gain their loyalty and to grow our business and continue to serve Colorado’s Front Range.”


Pinkard Construction Company specializes in supplying expert preconstruction and design support services. We are a general contractor specializing in both ground-up, renovation, CM/GC, and design-build projects. Our experience includes many senior living, affordable housing, multi-family, recreation, municipal and commercial projects. We focus on maximizing value while supplying durable, life-cycle-tested materials and construction techniques that are owner and facilities management-friendly. Pinkard’s focus is to “Partner Better, Plan Better, Build Better.” Our project teams are specialists in forging long-term owner/architect/contractor relationships that create life-long value. For more information, visit:

About Bluebird Branding: Bluebird is a strategic brand consulting firm that helps companies grow by building brand equity. Located in Denver, we specialize in brand marketing, brand strategy and brand design and expression. Using a collaborative approach and a spirit of partnership with clients, Bluebird connects people to brands through the the most important factor: the brand experience. Working in harmony with these elements, we are positioned to build brands that engage, take hold, and gain traction. For more information:



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