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Pinkard Construction Awarded Highlands Ranch Service Center Renovation

LAKEWOOD, COLORADO — Pinkard Construction has been awarded the Highlands Ranch Metro District’s renovation and addition to its service center facility.

The existing 12,000 sf service center was constructed in 1999 for the Parks, Recreation and Open Space Department and provides workspaces for Administration, Recreation, Planning, Facilities, Parks, Parkways, Park Services, Open Space, Forestry, and Fleet Sections.

Pinkard Construction, along with Eidos Architects, will renovate the interior of the existing Service Center building to allow for additional office spaces, conference rooms, break and lunchroom areas, locker rooms (with additional fixtures) and provide for overall interior finish upgrades. New buildings will consist of a new 6,200 sf fleet services building and shops/storage buildings totaling 8,600 sf to be located in the center portion of the existing yard area.

“Our proposed construction completion date is not only two months earlier than the District’s projected schedule, but also comes with an associated $65,000 savings in general conditions cost,” said Tony Burke, President of Pinkard Construction.

This project will mark Pinkard’s 8th municipal fleet and maintenance facility and their 243rd renovation/expansion along with the Colorado Front Range.  




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