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Pinkard Construction Co. Breaks Ground on Mirasol Senior Living Community Phase III

Loveland, Colorado — Construction manager/general contractor Pinkard Construction Company, with alm2s architects, has broken ground on phase three of the Mirasol Senior Living Community, an independent living facility for the Loveland Housing Authority.

The $12,901,000 Phase 3 expansion provides an additional 60 units of independent senior housing in a new 63,711 sq. ft. building.  The building has a mix of 40 one-bedroom and 20 two-bedroom/1-bath units, all with private kitchens. The design includes a large common lobby with shaded veranda on the main floor, and open and screened decks on the second and third floors. The new building complements the Tuscan architecture of the existing development, using similar low-sloped roofs in a stepped two- and three-story design to reduce the mass of the building.

The project was designed under the 2015 Enterprise Green Communities criteria and incorporates many green design elements.

Mirasol Phase III will be wood-framed construction with caissons and grade beams, stucco and synthetic stone veneer exterior, with asphalt shingles and EPDM roofing systems. Mechanical systems include hot water fan coil units (in-unit hot water for domestic hot water and heating).

During preconstruction, despite the threat of escalation, the project started within budget and ended with a guaranteed maximum price that was approximately $25,000 below budget. The project broke ground in April 2019 and is expected to be an 11-month construction duration. Major Northern Colorado subcontractors include Fiske Electric, Neuworks Mechanical, and Monarch Stucco.

Architectural mock-ups for quality control are expected to be in place by the end of the month following the release of detailed drawings and will focus on fit and finish for the skin, window, and balcony details.

About Pinkard Construction Company

As a Colorado leader in senior living/affordable housing construction, Pinkard has constructed or is currently under contract for over $170 million in senior living facilities in the past ten years. In our 57-year history, Pinkard has constructed 60 HUD/publicly-funded projects along the Colorado Front Range.

About Loveland Housing Authority

The Loveland Housing Authority’s Development Division is committed to providing new opportunities to make affordable housing an option for individuals and families.  Whether through the purchase of an existing property, the creation of a new community, or by providing assistance to individuals who already own a home, the Division believes everyone should have an opportunity to live in a safe, comfortable, and affordable environment.

About alm2s architects

alm2s (formerly Aller • Lingle • Massey Architects P.C.) was founded in Fort Collins in 1986, based upon a philosophy of creative design, technical excellence and outstanding client service. The firm has steadily grown into a group of diverse professionals, led by principals Brad Massey, Ian Shuff, and Shaun Moscrip, who work collaboratively to produce exceptional architecture. Over the years, alm2s has consistently produced designs for both public and private clients that embody the highest standards of creativity and innovation, while remaining responsive to function and cost-effectiveness. Environmental sustainability is an important aspect of our practice, with many projects designed using LEED Green Building and Enterprise Green Communities design principles.



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