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Pinkard Will Be at LeadingAge

Pinkard is excited to be attending this year's LeadingAge Conference. Join us Monday, May 16th through Wednesday, May 18th. We will have some senior living experts on hand to offer critical insights into the Colorado senior living design, construction, and cost factors that could make or break your project. Register today!

Head over to the LeadingAge website. The early bird registration deadline is May 4th so register today!

Senior Living Experts

Pinkard's first senior living community was for Frasier Meadows Manor in Boulder in 1963 – in our second year of operation. Thanks to the immense success of this first project for Frasier, we constructed ten more projects for Frasier (including their recent $100 Master Plan Expansion) plus more than 60 other senior living projects for a variety of Front Range clients. As a result of this most-in-Colorado experience, our custom senior housing construction protocols ensure a successful construction project and an adequately designed senior-friendly community that provides everyday quality of life for every resident. LEARN MORE.

Who Will Be There

Jim Mellor, our director of business development, has seen it all in his 28 years with Pinkard. Jim has a bachelor's in Construction from Arizona State University and studied for his MBA, emphasizing marketing, at the University of Santa Clara. Jim has worked as a project engineer, project manager, estimator, and superintendent. He has seen Pinkard build more than 50 Senior living facilities.

Derek Stathis, director of construction management, is a senior housing construction veteran. His experience with hospitality and healthcare projects allows him to offer senior living clients help with memory care, skilled nursing, and luxury finishes when their project calls for it. During his career at Pinkard, he has devoted himself to learning everything possible about every aspect of construction while working as a project engineer, project manager, senior PM, construction manager, and now director of construction management. Derek's people skills and abstract thought processes make him a great problem solver with an eye for the big picture.

Tony Burke, president of Pinkard Construction, has been with Pinkard for over 25 years and has valuable insight into the senior living construction process, from funding to the grand opening. Before joining executive leadership, Tony served as construction manager and project manager for 15 senior living projects. He knows the keys to keeping a project on time and under budget.



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