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Women in Construction: Meet Jenna Carosio

Jenna Carosio knows a thing or two about endurance.

When she’s not scheduling, planning, and coordinating everything happening on the job site, you might find the Pinkard Assistant Superintendent training for this year’s Ironman and Leadville 100, or volunteer coaching the women’s soccer team at Colorado School of Mines.

With the encouragement of her civil engineer dad, Jenna studied engineering in college and found construction to be the perfect outlet for her hands-on style of work.

“Every day is different. There is constant problem-solving. I’m rarely just sitting at a desk staring at the computer,” she explains. “It’s an industry where you’ll never know everything, so I feel like I’m always being challenged and expanding my knowledge.”

After nearly a decade in the industry, Jenna sees being a woman as an asset for innovation.

“Don’t be afraid to do things or handle situations differently than your male counterparts,” she says. “Your method of doing something might be unconventional for the industry, but it could also be more effective.”

In typical coach fashion, Jenna has a pep talk for her fellow females of construction: “You’re always going to be the underdog. Don’t be discouraged! Always know you deserve a seat at the table, stand up for yourself, and call people out on their B.S.”



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