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Women in Construction Week: Meet Tanya Navarro

Despite only being on the job for three months, Pinkard’s new Human Resources Generalist, Tanya Navarro, is playing a key role in recruiting, hiring and retaining the diverse team of people who make Pinkard such a special place to work.

With a varied background that also includes judicial work, child welfare and counseling, Tanya is entering the industry with a natural predisposition for its challenges and rewards.

“What I enjoy about working in construction is that it’s all up to you to make something happen. Every day you work, you see the immediate results from that work,” she says. “Whether it is out working in the field or in the office, your efforts result in the successful accomplishment of the end product.”

While she’s a fresh face in the world of construction, Tanya already has big ambitions for making it a more inclusive place.

“I chose this industry to challenge the norms within the field,” she says. “Not many women choose to work in this industry due to the common preconception that it is a man’s domain, but in order to grow as individuals, it’s necessary to look outside of what is normal and begin to build something new.”

Tanya’s advice to current and prospective women in construction: “Don’t let the normative standards be the barriers that deter your growth. Life is a series of natural and spontaneous events that provide opportunities for change.”



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