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4725 South Lowell


Project Features 

Affordable Housing, Multi-Family Housing, Extensive Site Infrastructure, Enterprise Green Communities, Wood Framed, Tight Site, Sustainable, LIHTC, Occupied, Addition, Renovation, Ground Up


Denver Housing Authority

Project Description 

4725 S. Lowell, an affordable multi-family apartment development owned by the Denver Housing Authority (DHA) was built in 1964. Its leaking pipes, mold, structural damage and inefficient heat for both the units and hot water were just a few of the many problems prompting DHA to initiate a rehabilitation of this property.

Along with rehabilitation of the existing structure, DHA wanted to add 50% more units to the site. Initially, the idea was to "pop-the-to" and add an extra level, but it was found that the structure couldn't support this approach. The existing building is a "square donut" with a large center courtyard so the idea was proposed to build another structure inside this courtyard, something that has never before been done in Denver. This approach had many valuable outcomes including fitting in with the scale of the neighborhood and effectively making the new 4-story structure "disappear".

This project had many challenges, most of which were a result of the building-within-a-building design. Myriad issues with fire codes and site drainage had to be solved and close coordination between Pinkard, DHA and WORKSHOP 8 was essential.

The new building, comprising 91,900 sf is an attractive structure which meets Enterprise Green Communities Standards.

Winner of the Colorado NAHRO Affordable Housing Design Award 2013




100,201 Sq. Ft.

96 Units


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