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Bison Ridge Recreation Center

Bison Ridge Recreation Center

Commerce City, CO, USA

City of Commerce City Parks & Recreation

108,000 Sq. Ft.

Public Projects, Recreation, Gymnasium, Gymnastics, Commercial Kitchen, Humidity Controlled Environments, Indoor Track, Administration, Ground Up, Pool

Pinkard provided complete CM/GC services for the City of Commerce City's Bison Ridge Recreation Center and related infrastructure/roadway improvements.

The recreation center was approximately 108,000 square feet with an indoor leisure pool and support spaces, aerobics, catering kitchen, gymnastics, weight and fitness, gymnasium, community room/meeting space, required building support spaces and administrative spaces.

Roadway and infrastructure scope included:

  • Improvements to E. 112th Avenue intersections at Highway 2 and Potomac Avenue;

  • Widening of the Highway 2 bridge over the O'Brian Canal, Highway 2 lane widening; and new roadway to connect E. 112th Avenue and Potomac Street;

  • Extensive improvements to Potomac Street, including new water and irrigation main lines, gas main lines, converting overhead power lines to underground, adding underground 100-pair CenturyLink pair-bonded copper Internet cable, Comcast conduit, storm drainage, a multi-use path and landscaping.

Pinkard also provided complete infrastructure for the new recreation center, which sat on 25.5 acres of farm land at E. 112th Avenue and Potomac Street. Leveling the site required approximately 30,000 yards of imported fill.

Pinkard constructed a multi-modal roadway to provide primary access to the recreation center.

Fellsberg-Holt-Ullevig provided road and infrastructure design, and Sink Combs Dethlefs was the recreation center architect. Flatiron Constructors constructed the roadwork; CH2M was the city's representative.

The project area was in the northern portion of Commerce City, generally bounded by Highway 2 on the north, E. 112th Avenue on the south, Potomac Street on the west, and private property on the east.

Construction Expertise

Have You Ever Been to a Dirt Summit?

".... [The] team worked really hard to come up with solutions that would get us where we needed to be dollar wise and that wouldn't compromise the design intent too much"

Recreation Client

"Pinkard came to the table a little better than the architect did as far as coming up with VE solutions"

Recreation Client

"It was a good team, and there really was teamwork. And I think we all had the same goals in mind. And I think it turned out really well. I think that we delivered a great project and product for the city"

Recreation Client

"And what was great about at least one of those expectations I had for me that was an over-performing part as the superintendent, Leighton and Troy always listened to me. And there's one thing that I'm never afraid of is I'm going to speak up. If something concerns me, I'm going to speak up. I'm not going to try to be an ass about it but I'm going to let you know that I've got a problem with this or that or whatever it is. They always listened. They always took care of it."

Recreation Client

"I'm going to be completely honest. I will say that to me-- I can't speak for anyone else in this city. This is just for myself only. To me, you guys over-perform in every area, every expectation that I have."

Recreation Client


Pool and Natatorium Constuction

Recreation Construction

Municipal Construction

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