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Centura Health Indian Peaks Urgency Center


Project Features 

Healthcare, Emergency Rooms, Isolation Rooms, Med Gas, Ground Up


Centura Health - Corporate Offices

Project Description 

The Indian Peaks project was the conversion of an existing, two-year-old Urgent Care Center into an Emergency/Urgent Care facility complete with a new ambulance entrance, new exam rooms, and a CAT scan room build-out.

All existing patient care/support areas were demolished and replaced with nine new general exam rooms with one for patient isolation. A tenth room services higher acuity and bariatric patients.

Other new support areas include a centrally located medication room, storage, soiled, nourishment, and toilet rooms, a CT room build-out, plus minor revisions to the patient walk-in entry at the reception, check-in, and waiting areas.

The west side of the building received a new ambulance canopy and drive. The employee outdoor garden was relocated to the northwest corner of the site. A new backup generator was also added.




10,000 Sq. Ft.

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