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Columbine Memorial


Project Features 

Public Projects


Foothills Park & Recreation District

Project Description 

Pinkard donated fees and CM/GC services and worked with the local construction community to solicit in-kind donations for this memorial to the April 20, 1999 tragedy at Columbine High School.

The memorial is an oval wall of native Colorado stone etched with narrative remembrances crafted from interviews of the victim's family and friends. Steep landforms of the existing hills gently fold back from the top of the outer retaining wall. An intricate granite ribbon design fills the center space. The tails of the ribbon are inscribed with the phrase "Never Forgotten." Benches are located in welcoming areas to allow the visitor to sit in reflection and contemplation.

A walkway arcs along the top edge of the surrounding hills, providing an accessible route to the dramatic views of the distant foothills. Landscaped terraces on the north hill soften the hillside and allow for small gathering areas in which visitors might share their thoughts and experiences with others.


DHM Design Corporation (Denver)


2.8 acres


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