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Wellington E. Webb Center for Primary Care


Project Features 

Healthcare, Office, Isolation Rooms, Emergency Rooms, Clinic, Ground Up


Denver Health and Hospital Authority DHHA

Project Description 

This new facility for Denver Health and Hospital Authority (DHHA) is a three-story medical office building on the main DHHA campus. It houses:
Adult primary care facility
Blood draw
Coffee shop
Dental clinic
Denver Health Medical Plan clinic
Kid's Care clinic
La Mariposa Family Health Center
Medical records
Outpatient pharmacy
Outpatient radiology satellite

Due to site restrictions, the project was built in two phases. Phase I was the construction of the Center for Primary Care. Phase II was all remaining site work and parking.

The structure is structural steel with masonry veneer, spread footers, a basement and slab-on-deck. Major utilities, including medical gas, tie-in via a prime underground utility tunnel linked to the DHHA central utilities plant.

The Center for Primary Care medical office building features nurse call stations/low voltage communication systems, x-ray rooms with lead-lined walls, medical gas and specialized exhaust systems.

Pinkard coordinated the installation of major specialty medical fixtures, and self-performed minor medical office fixture installation.

Strict dust, noise and infection control measures were in place throughout construction, and included dust mitigation procedures and food and tobacco restrictions for all members of the construction crew.


Boulder Associates Architects


75,000 Sq. Ft.

Stories From The Team

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