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Big City Sophistication

As the years went on Pinkard Construction evolved from being a family business to an employee-owned business. Today a group of over a dozen employee-owners who have proven their dedication to Pinkard Construction and our clients is at the helm, with our executive team leading the way. The way we do business has changed too. Not only are our pickups now a tasteful white, but we’ve gone from hard-bidding the majority of our work to negotiating about 95% of it. We love the way this delivery method sets us up to have a highly effective collaborative relationship with our project teams. We also invest heavily in construction technology to provide value and efficiencies to our project teams. Our teams all carry the most updated set of plans in their tablets and collaborate in real-time with the whole team through Procore, our project management software. Projects are extensively documented via drone photography and 360 cameras that catch every angle.

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