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There is no substitute for exceptional planning, but all the planning in the world cannot compensate for poor construction performance.

Pinkard’s teams are dedicated to lead a predictable, low-drama construction experience that focuses on safety and quality.

We utilize on-site mock-ups to field test details and demonstrate quality expectations to the entire team. This quality is then checked regularly and any deficiency is corrected immediately. This process is the basis for our team to punch-as-they-go, which ensures minimal punch list items and quick and complete close-out.

Technology plays a huge role in our efficient, effective building process. We utilize Procore to continuously track all aspects of project management and communicate with every member of our team in real-time.

We also utilize StructionSite, software that ties geotagged photos to the Procore plan set and creates a photo timeline of your entire project. Post-construction, this allows our owners to flip back in time to see what is behind any wall or in any ceiling and takes the guesswork out of maintenance.

When it is time to turn over the keys, we provide our owners with this robust documentation of their project, and then we train them on all building operations. The project team stays involved with each project throughout the warranty, which is managed by our warranty superintendent. Every issue is tracked online so you know where any issue stands at all times.

The thing that sets us apart, though, is the experience our teams provide. Simply put, our people go the extra mile for our clients. Our teams take the time to really get to know them. They understand their business, their end-users, and their priorities. Sometimes this takes the form of a project manager going to a clients’ office to explain project billing in person. Sometimes this takes the form of a team setting up a Christmas lights display for a client. Sometimes this takes the form of creating a COVID-safe visiting booth for residents.

We seek to improve the lives of our clients and their purposes through construction.



Technology that keeps you in control, Access to all project records 24/7, real-time from any device, StructionSite captures a visual timeline of the project, almost like an x-ray for your walls!


We create full-scale mock-ups to field-test envelope and ensure long-term quality (built into the cost of the project).


We identify each project’s unique “four core” risk factors and incorporate strategies that carry workers safely through the life of the project.


TIME IS MONEY! We punch as we go for quicker turnover.


Have confidence in our work. We offer a best-in-class warranty, tracked online so you know where your project stands at all times.

Ready to Build Better?



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