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Creative Sequencing for Skin- Installation Maximizes Quality

Pinkard could not rely on the traditional ground-based scaffolding system for skin installation because the lot-line construction and too-busy perimeter roads presented safety and access issues. As a result, we planned to use ground-based scaffolding only on the first couple of stories. After that, we would use swing stages anchored from the roof. A swing stage (hanging scaffolding) is what you see high-rise window washers using.

With roofing construction delayed and waiting on the arrival of crews from Idaho, Pinkard devised a unique anchor system on the fifth floor to allow our swing stages to operate completely independent of roof construction.

This allowed us to execute skin installation completely separate from roofing activities, finishing this task ahead of its projected end date. This innovative plan also allowed us to build quicker with better attention to quality, and ultimately, better fit and finish.



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