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Pinkard Saves VIDA in Preconstruction

Vida at Sloan’s Lake was filled with challenges, both known and unforeseen. Yet Pinkard’s highly effective and focused project team marshaled a collaborative CM/GC effort to bring in Vida at Sloan’s Lake ahead of schedule, and under budget, while providing exceptional quality, fit and finish.

During design, Pinkard (as CMaR) provided exceptionally accurate and creative preconstruction services, working closely with the architect and client to increase unit density from a 64-unit, $8 million project to 176 units and more than $40 million with underground parking and medical services.

After the project was completed, the client remarked, “As our creative partners from pre-development to getting it done in the field, Pinkard displayed remarkable ingenuity and innovation to overcome challenges not typically seen with a new ground-up mixed-use project. They had the foresight and directive to solve conflicts before they became larger issues, really managing the owner and architect to make effective decisions to make this project an overwhelming success!”

During the budgeting phase, Pinkard found savings in waterproofing systems and exterior skin. Later in the project, Pinkard returned savings to DHA that allowed the owner to upgrade to the original, more complicated skin system.

DHA enjoyed a very predictable budgeting phase thanks to Pinkard’s 0% variance between our design development (DD) estimate and the guaranteed maximum price (GMP).

With the design near 100% construction documents, Pinkard conducted some early due diligence surveys and layout scenarios.

Armed with near-100% construction documents, we immediately noticed a significant conflict between the foundations design and existing electrical utilities on the site’s east side. These electrical utilities would have to

be moved.

Xcel Energy’s relocation process can take almost a year, but groundbreaking was set to commence in three weeks. Because DHA’s funding sources were year-dated, they had to spend it or lose it. This project was in danger of dying before it broke ground.

Rather than wait for Xcel, Pinkard, DHA, and Parikh Stevens Architects mobilized a massive redesign and budgeting effort to change the eastern-building-footprint. What would typically take several months, we did in about 10 days – even principal Harsh Parikh was involved, running AutoCad.

The project was saved. Vida at Sloan’s Lake would now be able to start on time.



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