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PinkCrew Completes Two Builds with Habitat for Humanity

At Pinkard, our culture is centered around caring for our employees and lifting our community. It is not rare to see several Pinkard employees in their bright pink "PinkCrew" shirts spending some of their provided VTO (volunteer time off) working together on Habitat for Humanity builds.

"The Pink Crew is an important part of the Pinkard culture," said Kristen Rebmann, a Payroll/Staff accountant who helps organize these events. "Being part of the Pink Crew not only helps build a strong community, but it also helps us create lasting bonds with each other and it helps us grow as individuals."

The PinkCrew recently completed two build days for the nonprofit synonymous with affordable housing, allowing Pinkard employees to roll up their sleeves and start swinging hammers. It is an excellent opportunity for employees at every level to get out of the office and make an impact.

Affordable Housing has been a cornerstone of Pinkard's business, with over 78 affordable housing complexes built. Pinkard is proud to offer Habitat for Humanity both the experience of their affordable housing construction veterans and the eagerness of their non-field staff.

“It was humbling to work alongside my Pinkard peers as we focused our efforts toward the completion of a family’s new home,” said Todd Grosenbach, assistant superintendent and project surveyor. “While our efforts were only a small portion of the labor necessary to complete the project, we made measurable progress through the day. This was time well spent!”

"I really enjoyed my day working on the Habitat for Humanity house," said Christine Fuentes, a marketing coordinator. "Not only did it feel great to know we were helping to build a home for someone, but I also learned how to use a chop saw and a nail gun!"

The first build in Loveland, Colorado, included work on ten homes in various stages of production and the crew provided installation of exterior siding, framing, drywall, soffit work, interior and exterior painting, and landscaping. An additional group made up of Pinkard's preconstruction department participated in a similar build at Aria Denver, a multi­generational, mixed-income community.

"Not only was it great to help Habitat with its Aria build, but I think it was a very meaningful teambuilding exercise," said Mark Bokhoven, director of preconstruction. "It's great for us to get out of the office and accomplish something together."

In addition to Habitat for humanity, Pinkard organizes community service projects for its employees with several other organizations along the front range. Organizations interested in working with PinkCrew should contact us.


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