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The earlier we are brought in on a project, the more we can provide value in preconstruction – through planning.

In the earliest stages of a project, we can provide valuable insight into site selection and the relative costs of various massing strategies. As a design progresses, we can assist your design team by providing real-time estimating. This insight allows you to have the best understanding possible about how various choices for structure, layout and other systems impact your overall project budget.

Our goal is never to cut scope – it is always to provide you with the maximum amount of scope for the budget you have. We work closely with you to understand the components that are essential to you and then find creative solutions to ensure they stay a part of your project.

Once drawings are underway, we perform our industry-leading constructability analysis in which a team of Pinkard professionals examines your project from many different perspectives. This analysis allows us to generate questions that can be answered long before we get into the field where the luxury of time has expired and when changes are much more costly.

This planning process ensures that your entire project team is engaged from the moment preconstruction starts. They are already experts at your project long before a shovel of dirt has been turned.



Proactively plan for inspections/permitting. We coordinate with local AHJ and other inspectors to team with them prior to start.


We virtually model and construct the project prior to the first shovel of dirt being moved, eliminating costly in- field coordination and fixes.


Our estimate goes deeper using an industry leading constructability analysis for ZERO surprises later.


We utilize our expertise to offer money-saving solutions that don’t compromise your essentials.


We employ systems of ongoing feedback to ensure the client is heard.


We engage and prequalify subcontractors to eliminate costly bonding and ensure availability.

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