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Porcelain Brick Quality Challenges

On the Moorhead Recreation Center project, one of our biggest quality challenges was constructing the intricate, custom foliage patterning with the exterior porcelain brick. The brick is beautiful, but it tends to be very fragile. BRS's design came with an exact template showing where every brick should go. The challenge was to get the patterning exactly correct and not damage it.

Ensuring Quality Brick Installation

To get the brick just right, JVS Masonry created half-scale mock-ups of a brick wall section, colored and numbered each brick location, then constructed the mock-ups under the watchful eyes of Pinkard, the City, and BRS.

Once everyone agreed that the correct construction and quality approaches were understood and mastered, crews went to work on the real thing. In preparation for construction, JVS once again plotted the location and color of each brick.

During construction, five different individuals took turns inspecting the installation every two hours. This result was near perfection. Everything line-up perfectly.

Project Architect Jesse Sherr: “I think those guys did a great job with the porcelain brick. That material is probably one of the most challenging tasks and some of the best installed on that whole project.”

As construction progressed under a very tight schedule, the team continued to face one demanding quality challenge after another.

Construction Manager Blake Chambliss: “Pinkard had a tremendous number of quality/fit and finish responsibilities. We were working on a fast-paced schedule and at every turn, we encountered challenging details. The multi-purpose room ceiling clouds were a great example.”



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