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Avoiding $1 Million in Change Orders

While working on VIDA Senior Housing, groundwater rose into every hole we dug, due to the sub-standard soils, and would not flow horizontally into our dewatering system as planned. We could spot-pump the water out of the holes, but we needed our dewatering system to perform as originally designed.

We dug three detention wells at the biggest-problem areas and used sump pumps to move the water out of the wells, through a filtration system, and into our dewatering system. But with the problematic soils, the pumps kept going out, causing water disposal issues.

A quote from a third-party groundwater remediation service for managing this issue came in at $1.3 million. Pinkard knew there was a better solution.

Instead, Pinkard assumed total responsibility for the dewatering system, bringing in a third-party stormwater/dewatering expert to train a crew in record keeping and reporting, and how to operate and maintain the system on a daily basis. This creative and highly effective solution saved DHA more than $1 million in changes and kept the project on schedule.



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