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Strong Pricing and Budget Phase Leadership

CSU hired Pinkard to work with the architect during programming to assist with pricing and budget, instead of at the end of schematic design, which is customary with the State of Colorado contract.

This move was done by CSU because they recognized that Morgan Library was going to be a very complex renovation fraught with many unforeseen conditions and very complicated sequencing. Also, CSU’s “wish list” amounted to almost $29 million dollars. Their budget was $11 million.

By bringing Pinkard in early, CSU mitigated some of the complications of the compressed design schedule, allowing Pinkard to provide greatly enhanced, targeted pricing, and very accurate estimates.

Pinkard also got a jump on planning the schedule, sequencing, and locking in pricing for materials and equipment.

One method for locking-in pricing was hiring mechanical and electrical subcontractors very early in design. These subs helped provide accurate ME pricing and pre-ordered major equipment, avoiding price increases that would damage CSU’s budget.

To mitigate cost overruns in construction, Pinkard and studiotrope worked with CSU to create a budget that anticipated massive unforeseen conditions. The team “under-budgeted” the project, but wrote over 25 add-alternates into the estimate. This way, as Pinkard and studiotrope found creative field solutions to save CSU money during construction, CSU could activate the alternates as they needed.

This approach was so successful, CSU was able to claim their alternates and still have money for additional scope “extras”.



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